June 11, 2019

There are many properties available for sale in Malaysia. Young working adults who are interested to purchase a house could use the house loan calculator to check your eligibility of buying a house. Most young working adults could not afford to buy a house because they do not have a healthy spending habit. Money saving class is not one of the required subjects taught in schools. Therefore, many teenagers have zero clues on how to manage their finances. This will then be a trouble for them when they step out into the real world. Most young working adults do not have the mindset of saving money. In other words, they do not realize the importance of saving. 

Fret not, this article will give you 5 money saving tips for young working adults. 

1. Learn self control
We all know it is hard to practice self control whenever it comes to shopping (clothes for the ladies; technology for the men). More often than not, we regret over our purchases after we bought them. Therefore, it is important to learn the skill of self control. Ask yourself whether you need it or you want it. In addition, try to control your credit card spending. It is true that credit card makes shopping easier, faster and more effortless, however, paying your monthly credit card bill could be a headache, especially when you see the amount sums up to a huge amount. And if you really need to use the credit card, make sure you pay your bill on time to prevent getting charged for late payment.

2. Use coupons whenever possible
Use coupons whenever there is one. Be it online coupons for online shopping, or physical coupons in paper voucher form. You can always check for promotion code for coupons. Furthermore, it is free to search for coupon codes. Some coupons are easy to obtain. All you need to do is to like their Facebook page. Some require you to only download the app, for example, McDonald’s. That is like leaving money on the desk for you to grab. 

Alternatively, you could also use your loyalty points from a store, that is if you are the member of the store. 

3. Ditch unnecessary subscription
Are you staying in a condominium that comes with a gym? If so, cancel your gym membership. You can always choose to exercise at the gym provided in your condominium. There are also many YouTube videos you could watch to help you get back in shape. Most importantly, these videos are free. 

Do you spend most of your time at home? If your answer is a no, you should consider terminating your Netflix or iFlix membership. If you really love watching movies, choose either one to subscribe instead of subscribing to two.  

You should also check on your mobile phone plan. Are you paying more than you use the mobile data provided? Do you need the extra data? If you already have an Internet plan at home, you can consider switching to a more affordable mobile plan to save. Make sure you pick a service provider with the best coverage that offers you, with reasonable price.

4. Use public transportation
Public transportations such as LRT, MRT, BRT, KTM and monorail have made commuting so much easier in Malaysia. Not forgetting, affordable as well. Use public transportation instead of driving. You won’t have to worry about paying toll fees, parking fees or even car maintenance fees. All these fees could add up to a huge amount if you calculate it. The best thing about taking public transportation is that you get to avoid the massive jams. Nothing drains you even more than a horrible massive jam after working hours. The jam could even lasts for hours if it involves accidents. Therefore, make full use of the public transportation provided. Not only it saves you time, it saves you money too.

5. Pack your own lunch
Packing your own lunch to work is the easiest way to save your money. Bringing your own lunch to work will save you a lot in the long run. Say, you are working 5 days a week and each lunch meal costs you approximately RM10, that will be RM200 a month on lunch alone and approximately RM2,400 a year. Try packing your own lunch to work and you will be surprised at how much you saved. You will find that cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out, and also much healthier that take out food. If you think preparing food on a daily basis is a trouble, you can always prepare meals in advance and store them in containers in the fridge. Just microwave them when it is lunch time. The extra money you saved could even allow you to go for a vacation.

In conclusion, money saving is not so difficult after all. It is never to late to start saving. You will be surprised at how much you manage to save after practicing the above money saving tips. Just make sure you spend wisely and do not spend on things you cannot afford. Remember to always spend within your limits. 

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