December 17, 2015


Last week dapat parcel dr GDEX..
yeahhh dapat barangan DASHING MCFC FACIAL CLEASER
TQ dashing walaupun khas untuk lelaki..
so,dapat juga PB ONE SET...

so, bagi menghargaiNYA PB hadiahkan untuk en.hubby ^_^
dah siap promote
new produk dr DASHING MCFC
en.hubby must try it!!

jom baca serba sedikit INFo about

The range consists of five products, each designed to combat the most common skin issues faced by men with an active lifestyle.

ICY FRESH: Dashing Icy Fresh contains Ice Glacier Water for instant freshness and skin hydration. It provides long lasting freshness and cooling sensation to the skin by instantly relieving excessive heat. Tackle the dryness and kick it cool like David Silva.

OIL CLEAR: Dashing Oil clear formulated with secret ingredient Bamboo Charcoal that removes dirt & excess oil from the skin giving oil free look instantly. Build the strongest defence against oil like midfield defender, Vincent Kompany.

EXTRA WHITE: Score striking white skin and be outstanding like Samir Nasri.Formulated with Swiss Alpine Plants, Dashing Extra White gives you lighter, brighter & even tones skin. It also appearance of UV induced dark spots.

ACNE FREE: ‘Nobody knows how to tackle & score better than Sergio Aguero!’ Kick off Acne with Dashing Acne Free specially formulated with Zinc & Clay to fight the acne causing bacteria. It also promotes smooth and healthy complexion, score clear skin in no time!

WHITENING SCRUB: Who said men can’t have flawless skin? Dashing whitening scrub is formulated with Sea Salt that deeply cleanses & exfoliates to provide an even skin tone. It helps to unclog pores, remove impurities and blackheads. Let’s score your way to a flawless skin like Kevin De Bruyne!

Dashing Facial Cleansers are available at 100g for RM10.90 and 50g for RM6.90. So guys, go explore your active lifestyle without worrying about your skin issues; Dashing will take care of it. 

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